AEM/CTC Welcomes New Interns

Logan O’Rourke

Westborough, MA – American Energy Management (AEM) and Connecticut Temperature Controls (CTC) welcomed two new interns for the winter and spring seasons.

Logan O’Rourke, a senior at Massachusetts Maritime Academy, has recently joined the company at its Westborough office for his winter semester. Majoring in facilities engineering, he is set to graduate this March with a Bachelor of Science. When asked about his expectations for the internship and what he aims to gain from the experience, O’Rourke expressed enthusiasm for gaining hands-on experience in troubleshooting HVAC and other control systems. He says he looks forward to acquiring a deeper understanding of modern control systems, along with a general knowledge of networking and the Niagra framework.

Morgan Allegrini

Morgan Allegrini, another senior from Massachusetts Maritime Academy, is set to join the firm at its Cromwell office this spring. Also majoring in facilities engineering, she is on track to graduate this June with a Bachelor of Science. Allegrini says she is eager to absorb knowledge about controls and gain extensive hands-on experience during the internship. Expressing the desire to become familiar and comfortable with controls, she says she aims to develop a profound understanding of how they operate within facilities.