AEM, CTC Keep Facilities in Good Health

Westborough, MA – American Energy Management (AEM) announced it is part of ongoing upgrades for a quality medical care facility in Fall River. AEM has been completing work for the healthcare facility since 2006.

AEM currently controls and monitors five buildings, which include over 139,000sf of physicians’ offices, labs, radiology centers, and pharmacies. With the goal of continuing to bring high-quality medical services to the community, AEM has provided this medical facility with Direct Digital Controls (DDC) for VAV boxes, roof top units, boilers, exhaust fans, and more. This building automation system helps the healthcare facility to satisfy functional, comfort, and regulatory requirements across all room types, while creating a better experience for patients and staff. Over the years, AEM has continued to work with this facility in expanding and providing the newest and updated technology throughout these medical buildings.

Additionally, Connecticut Temperature Controls (CTC) announced it was a part of a dialysis clinic renovation, which included a tenant improvement for a 2-story, 12,073sf building. CTC furnished and installed an open protocol Tridium Niagara-based Distech Controls Building Management System, including software, building controllers, application controllers, input and output devices for DDC control. The firm controlled and monitored air handling units through DDC control, as well as variable refrigerant flow units, which it set unit scheduling (occupied/unoccupied) via BACnet communication. This technology allows the building to be maintained at a comfortable level for all patients, while optimizing energy usage based on occupancy, scheduling, and daylight. Building automation systems allow buildings like this to run smoothly and optimally to provide an efficient, healthy facility for all staff and patients, according to CTC representatives.