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Advertisers receive extra circulation in print, expanded social media exposure, and benefit from an ever-increasing readership of facility owners, managers, and the AEC industry that designs and builds their facilities.

Request the HP media kit:

Extra benefits through High-Profile account executives

Advertisers work with an HP account executive to assist you in all matters of promotion and as your company contact with HP.

  • Your account executive will assist with placement of news releases and offer guidance on what kinds of news get ink.
  • Your account executive will also assist to make sure your news submitted will reach beyond the HP blog to FastFacts Friday, and into print, and include the online links to your company website.
  • Your account executive will push news from the HP blog into Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social networks.
  • Your account executive is your partner in marketing on multi-levels including media sponsorship for events, content links for websites, reprints and flyers created from HP materials, subscription bundles, gift subscriptions, project team profiles, anniversary profiles, and other special considerations.

High-Profile Layout

  • HP art department provides customization for your existing ad, or a new design from your information and images, at no additional cost to you.
  • HP’s art department is led by award winning Yvonne Lauziere, who will assist with all aspects of presentation both in print and online to ensure your ad has the resolution, color calibration optimized for best results.

Print Sizes:


          Size                       Dimensions                                          Size                          Dimensions

Center spread        21”W x 13.125”H                                 Full Page                    10”W x 13.125”H
Half Page  H           10”W x 6”                                            Half Page Vertical    4.875” W x 13.125” H
Quarter Page          4.875” W  x 6” H                                 Eighth Page              4.875” W x  3” H

Advertising copy submitted for print is also online. Click this issue icon (right) to view current issue for sample.

Black and white advertisements should also be sent in color for the online version. Ads online are embedded with a hyperlink to the advertiser’s website. Please submit your hyperlink when placing your ad the first time.


Please request media kit to review all current pricing.

TFN Discounts (Til final notice) Advertiser schedule

  • The most effective and least expensive advertisements run once monthly on a TFN schedule. This schedule allows HP to automate space reservations, online links, invoicing, and subscriptions in advance. We pass the savings on to the advertiser. Compare one time placements with monthly TFN rates:

__Full page, full color ad 13″ x 10″ 1x $1295 monthly TFN $895 (save $4800 annually)

__Half page 6″ x 10″ 1x $965 monthly TFN $695 (save $3400 annually)

__Quarter page 6″ x 5″ 1x $595 monthly TFN $475 (save $1200 annually)

  • Talk to your account executive about additional benefits for advertisers.

    TFN (Til Final Notice) scheduled ads run each month unless canceled.  You may change copy anytime prior press day.  There is no charge for copy change or design assistance in making changes. Advertisement copy will repeat from the previous issue  unless we receive alternate copy.

    TFN ads have the lowest monthly rates. TFN rates are locked and will not increase. All ads on a TFN schedule are assigned an account executive.

Pre-press Technicals

Layout is free:  High-Profile‘s MarCom Award winning art director, Yvonne Lauziere, provides basic production and copy changes with proofs provided.

E-mail files to:

PDF preferred. For new layout attach text and image files.  (Avoid embedding your photo into a word document as this creates extra steps for reproduction and picture quality can be compromised.)
Images: We prefer image files as jpegs or pdfs @250 dpi. or more.  We also accept tiffs, bmp and other formats.
Photography and rendering credits will accompany the captions when provided with submission. with the exception of head shots and people photos.
Cover images are selected by the HP team shortly after deadline.
For larger files we accept dropbox or file transfer.
Production formats: We prefer a pdf file for advertisements but we may also accept most of the standard platforms including Quark, Word, Illustrator, InDesign etc. Include all support files. Microsoft Publisher is not appropriate for printing. We cannot print Publisher files.
Printing: We print using web offset on 50 lb. newsprint for cover wrap. 80 bright newsprint for inside pages.
Deadlines are roughly last Friday of the month; see calendar for more accurate ad copy deadlines. Time may be extended, contact your HP account executive.


Anastasia Barnes

Account executives:
Mark Kelly
Betsy Gorman


  For more information e-mail:
or call 781-294-4530.

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