Acentech Adds Five

| December 6, 2017

Acentech recently hired five new staff members.

Mike Bahtiarian, Principal Consultant

Michael Bahtiarian

Mike Bahtiarian works in the Noise and Vibration Group at Acentech. He has a deep understanding of the areas of acoustics, noise control, and sound and vibration measurement. With over 32 years of experience in the field, he has extensive experience in the design of noise control treatments such as barriers, enclosures, damping and vibration isolation. He has testified as an expert witness at least a dozen times at locations throughout the Northeast.



William Chu, Senior Consultant

William Chu

As an acoustical consultant for the past 14 years, William has acquired practical experience in developing collaborative solutions with architects and engineers for a wide variety of project types, from 1500-seat concert halls to healthcare facilities to residential towers.




Alex Odom, Consultant

Alex Odom

Alex Odom first decided to pursue a career in acoustics and vibration after a science fair project studying sound distribution in rooms. As a Consultant in the Noise and Vibration Group at Acentech, he regularly applies his direct experience with acoustical modeling and speech-language-hearing sciences.




Sasha Rozynova, Consultant

Sasha Rozynova

Sasha Rozynova is a Consultant for Acentech’s Acoustics Group and specializes in the design of performing arts centers. The field of acoustics first piqued her interest when she noticed how different auditoriums influenced the quality of musical performances.




Colin Worrich, Consultant

Colin Worrich

Colin Worrich consults in Acentech’s architectural acoustics group, assisting on a wide range of institutional projects. He came to the firm originally as a summer intern during college while earning a Bachelor of Science in Engineering with a focus on acoustics at the University of Hartford. Now a full-time employee, Colin works out of the Trevose, PA office.

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