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ABC NH/VT Announces Award Winners and Recognizes 2016 FLiC Graduates

On June 16 the NH/VT Chapter of Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc. (ABCNH/VT) hosted a pig roast in honor of their member companies and their employees, ABCNH/VT’s 2016 Safety Award Winners, and graduates of the 2016 Future Leaders in Construction (FLiC) program.

Below is a list of 2016 Safety Award Winners, to include the ABC National STEP Award winners for the NH/VT Chapter.


Diamond Level –  Multi-Weld Services, Inc.

Platinum Level –  CIANBRO; DECCO, Inc;  Structural Associates, Inc.

Gold Level –  Andrews Construction Co., Inc.; Bonnette, Page & Stone Corp.; Denron Plumbing & HVAC, LLC; EnviroVantage, Inc.; Metro Walls, Inc.

Silver Level – Exterior Designs, Inc.; Hampshire Fire Protection Co., Inc.; Interstate Electrical Services; J. Lawrence Hall Co.; North Branch Construction, Inc.; The RELCO Companies

SIC 15 – UNDER 50,000 Man-Hours
First – Bonnette, Page & Stone Corp.;  Second – Sullivan Construction, Inc.;  Third – Meridian Construction Corporation;

Most Improved  – SmartATI Construction;  Most Creative – Sullivan Construction, Inc.

Zero Cases Resulting In Lost Workdays –  Bonnette, Page & Stone Corp; Jasmor Properties LLC; Meridian Construction Corporation;  Smart ATI Construction; Sullivan Construction, Inc.; Turnstone Corporation

SIC 15 – 50,000 – 100,000 Man-Hours
First – Structural Associates, Inc.;
Second – Cobb Hill Construction, Inc; Most Improved –  Structural Associates, Inc.; Most Creative  – Structural Associates, Inc.;
Zero Cases Resulting In Lost Workdays –  Cobb Hill Construction, Inc;  Structural Associates, Inc.

SIC 15 – 100,000 – 200,000 Man-Hours – First – North & South Construction Services;  Second – North Branch Construction, Inc.;  Third – Lewis Builders Development, Inc.

Most Creative – North Branch Construction, Inc.

SIC 16 – Under 50,000 Man-Hours –  First – Leighton A. White, Inc.

Zero Cases Resulting In Lost Workdays – Leighton A. White, Inc.

SIC 16 – 50,000 – 100,000 Man-Hours – First – R.M. Piper, Inc;  Second – Andrews Construction Co, Inc;

Zero Cases Resulting In Lost Workdays –  R.M. Piper, Inc

SIC 16 – 1,000,000 – 200,000 Man-Hours –  First – Methuen Construction Co., Inc.

Most Improved –  Methuen Construction Co., Inc. –

Zero Cases Resulting In Lost Workdays –  Methuen Construction Co., Inc.

SIC 17 – Under 50,000 Man-Hours

First – Dowling Corporation
Second – Caprioli Painting and CPI Floor Coating
Third – Viking Roofing

Most Improved Caprioli Painting and CPI Floor Coating

Most Creative –  Harry-O Electrical Corp.

Zero Cases Resulting In Lost Workdays –  All-Ways Accessible, Inc.; Caprioli Painting and CPI Floor Coating;
Dependable Controls Services LLC; Dowling Corporation; Harry-O Electrical Corp.; Gorman Thomas, Inc.;
Multi-Weld Services, Inc.;  Viking Roofing

SIC 17 – 50,000 – 100,000 Man-Hours
First – Rose Steel Inc.

Most Improved – Rose Steel Inc.

SIC 17 – 100,000 – 200,000 Man-Hours
First – Damon Insulation Co., Inc.
Second – Skillings & Sons, Inc
Third – SL Chasse Steel

Most Creative – ARC Mechanical Contractors

Zero Cases Resulting In Lost Workdays
Damon Insulation Co., Inc.

SIC 17 200,000 – 300,000 Man-Hours
First – DECCO, Inc
Second – EnviroVantage, Inc
Third – Denron Plumbing & HVAC, LLC

Most Improved -Denron Plumbing & HVAC, LLC
Most Creative- EnviroVantage, Inc.

Zero Cases Resulting In Lost Workdays
DECCO, Inc EnviroVantage, Inc

SIC 17 Over 3,000,000 Man Hours
First – Granite State Plumbing & Heating
Second – Hampshire Fire Protection Co

Most Improved – Granite State Plumbing & Heating
Most Creative – Granite State Plumbing & Heating

First – Northern Design Precast, Inc.
Second – Novel Iron Works, Inc.
Third – Resource Options, Inc.

Most Improved – Northern Design Precast, Inc
Most Creative – Resource Options, Inc.

Zero Cases Resulting In Lost Workdays
Northern Design Precast, Inc

New Hampshire Future Leaders in Construction

Joe Nash – Denron Plumbing & HVAC, LLC
Robin Rich – EnviroVantage, Inc.
Rob Barish – EnviroVantage, Inc.
Brandon Merkley – EnviroVantage, Inc.
Robert Tupper – Exterior Designs, Inc.
Ken Lambert – Exterior Designs, Inc.
Lisa Duchesne – Granite State Plumbing & Heating, LLC
Matt White – Hampshire Fire Protection Co. LLC
Jesse Reise – Interstate Electrical Services Corp.
Jonathan Morse – Lewis Builders Development, Inc
Derrick Chabot – Lewis Builders Development, Inc.
Matt Davis – Methuen Construction Co., Inc.
Kelly Holder – Methuen Construction Co., Inc.
Kerry Eriksen – North Branch Construction, Inc.
Nick Trudel – North Branch Construction, Inc.
Jesse Fand – Novel Iron Works, Inc.
Todd Bregy – Novel Iron Works, Inc.
Alyse Oliver – Novel Iron Works, Inc.
Karen Prince – R.M. Piper, Inc.
Eric Dinsmore – The H. L. Turner Group, Inc.

Vermont Future Leaders in Construction

Michael Duval – Alliance Mechanical, Inc.
Jason Luman – Alliance Mechanical, Inc.
CathyVoyer Lamberton – AGC/VT
SheilaMcLaughlin Shaw – BreadLoaf Corporation DanHeath – BreadLoaf Corporation
Scott Daigle – Engelberth Construction, Inc.
Jason Moore – Engelberth Construction, Inc.
Jeff Baker – Engelberth Construction, Inc.
Liam Ehrenzweig – Engelberth Construction, Inc.
Jeff Page – Housewright Construction, Inc.
Craig Hervey – Housewright Construction, Inc.
Chris Stevens – Interstate Electrical Services Corp.
Ryan Ellis – PC Construction
Colin Menard – PC Construction
Darin Gillies – Reliance Steel, Inc.
Dereyk Perkins – SSW Erectors, LLC
Joseph Poston – Wright Construction Company