ABC NH/VT Calls for Contractors to Donate N95 Masks for Healthcare Workers

Concord, NH – On March 19, The Associated Builders and Contractors New Hampshire/Vermont Chapter (ABC) called on area contractors to donate surplus N95 mask to local hospitals.

“The N95 mask is a safety tool we use on jobsites everyday and it just so happens to be the most vital personal protection equipment our healthcare professionals need right now,” said Josh Reap, president of ABC. “This is a rare crossover between our industries where we can provide direct help to our healthcare workers.”

To make the most immediate impact, ABC encourages contractors to deliver masks directly to a local hospital. A list of New Hampshire hospitals can be found here:

The N95 mask is a common safety device used by construction workers to protect themselves from breathing in hazardous particles. The same mask technology is used in hospitals to protect healthcare workers from airborne pathogens. In recent weeks, the nation has experienced a shortage of masks as consumers have exhausted the supply, despite World Health Organization reports that the masks have little benefit to the general public. The situation has led to Vice President Pence calling on contractors to donate masks to help healthcare workers.

“We urge construction companies to quickly donate their surplus N95 masks to help ease the shortage. These masks will be put to good use fighting the battle against COVID-19,” Reap added.