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Steven Benfeito

Steven Benfeito, the vice president of New England Drywall Co., Inc., was awarded the 2013  Chairman’s Award in recognition of his outstanding service as a member of Associated Builders and Contractors.

He joined ABC in 2008, became a member of the board in 2010, vice chairman in  2012 and  in 2013 he became chairman elect.  Since joining ABC, he has become a well-respected member, bringing new ideas on various subjects and making great strides to expand the Rhode Island chapter.  He brought in six new members, the highest in the membership drive.

He traveled to Texas in 2012 and to Las Vegas in 2013 for Leadership Institute, where he represented the Rhode Island chapter of ABC at the ABC award Benfeitonational board meeting. On these trips, he took classes and learned new leadership skills that he not only took back and implemented at ABC, but also at New England Drywall.

In 2013 he also traveled to Washington D.C. for Legcon, where he learned about legislative updates and laws that affected the construction industry. This year, he will travel to attend a regional meeting, Legcon, and Leadership Institute.

2014 also marks the year that Benfeito will become chairman of the board for the Rhode Island chapter of ABC. In this position, he will take on more responsibilities, presiding over all board meetings and providing leadership for the chapter. George Greyson, from Tradesource, who was the current chairman at the time, presented the award.