Abbot Completes Chimney Repairs at Jewish Community Center in Newton

Leventhal-Sidman Jewish Community Center

Newton, MA – Abbot Building Restoration Company, Inc. announced it recently completed significant chimney repairs at the Leventhal-Sidman Jewish Community Center (JCC) in Newton.

As the building had been taking on water for some time, the JCC management team initially hired a roofing contractor to inspect the roof and patch areas where necessary. However, the leak persisted following the roof repair leading management to focus on the chimney. Their next step was to hire an engineering company that utilized advanced drone technology to provide a close up view of all sides of the chimney. This precise inspection identified significant damage to the brick, failed pointing, severe cracks in the cap, and a lack of sealant/mortar under the chimney liner flange.

Based on a strong working relationship over the years, the JCC management team contracted Abbot to provide essential repairs to the chimney. After erecting pipe staging to access the chimney from the roofline to the top of the chimney, Abbot utilized its masonry experience and expertise to cut and point the entire chimney, replace all of the cracked bricks, patch the chimney cap cracks, and seal the gap between the metal flange and chimney cap. Abbot then applied two coats of clear sealer onto the brick to provide a secure waterproof barrier. After Abbot’s work was completed, the roofers returned to replace any damaged slate and to repair visible roofing defects.