A GeoPoem By A GeoPoet Who Loves Geopier Ground Improvement

| May 2, 2018


Farewell Mr. Pressure Injected Footing (aka Mr. PIF)


A bright sunny day in summer 1903

Mr. PIF is prepared for all gathered to see

Deep fills and organics, one can’t build on such land!

Mr. PIF to the rescue (bearing in underlying sand)

Such rapid construction… over seven per day!

Such high capacity… measured in tons you say!?

The casings are driven, the plugs are expelled

The rebar is placed and everything’s swell

After months of construction, the PIFs are all in

It’s time for building construction to begin

Pile caps, grade beams, structural slabs (oh so thick!)

(You need these with PIFs to avoid cracks in your brick)

Many structures are built, and a century wisps by

Mr. PIF has grown older (and is no longer spry)

“Not to worry” he thinks, no one dares challenge me

I’ve been doing it the same since 1903!

Who dares such a feat? Who spurs such intrusion?…

…Geopier® Rammed Aggregate Piers® and Rigid Inclusions!


They challenge convention, and traditions, they fall

They’re studied and tested and prodded by all

Poor soils can be improved… no longer a frustration

Welcome slabs-on-grade and conventional footing foundations!

Such quick installation, over forty per day!

At least 6 ksf bearing, that’s allowable you say!?

They start with shy structures, one story to five

Then befriend shiny towers, some kissing the sky

Buildings rise from the ashes without any strife                 

Geotechs love them (“where have you been all my life?”)           


The Owner is happy and so are his minions

Saving truckloads of money, sometimes even millions

Breaking ground every day and always evolving

With attention to detail on the problems they’re solving

Alas, so it seems, it’s their time in the sun


Farewell Mr. PIF, you had a good run


Authored by Derek Simpson, P.E.

Project Manager & Business Development Manager

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