DATMA Gets First Grant

(l-r) John Vasconcellos, CFSEMA president; Rayana Grace, CFSEMA Arts & Culture program manager; Lindsay Miś, executive director of DATMA; Roger Mandle, DATMA co-founder and board chair; and Pam Evans, CFSEMA director of finance and administration

New Bedford, MA – The Massachusetts Design Art and Technology Institute (DATMA)  has been awarded its first grant of $27,500 from the Community Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts (CFSEMA) . The funding will directly support DATMA’s upcoming public art installations, including its inaugural exhibit, Summer Winds, taking place in New Bedford in summer 2019.

Launched in September 2018, DATMA is led by longtime New Bedford resident and artist Lindsay Miś.

The 21st century “noncollecting” museum aims to present international contemporary art exhibitions and programming showing the impact of new technologies on art and design and highlighting cultural life in the SouthCoast region and beyond.

Exhibitions will focus on contemporary art, architecture, textiles, fashion design, and industrial design. Summer Winds, the museum’s first installation, will draw inspiration from the growing wind energy industry in New Bedford through exhibitions and programs developed by local, regional, and international artists.

CFSEMA is a nonprofit dedicated to improving the quality of life in Southeastern Massachusetts, especially New Bedford, Fall River, and Southern Plymouth County.

CFSEMA matches donors with cultural, educational, and humanitarian organizations in the community. Since 1995, they have contributed over $25 million to the region’s arts and culture scene.

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