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Q&A with Bisnow’s Tyler Fisher

High Profile recently had a chance to talk with Tyler Fisher of Bisnow. Here is a transcription of that conversation:

High Profile: What is the creative office focus coming up in April?

Tyler FisherTyler Fisher: Our Office of the Future event on April 14 will bring together a mix of owners, tenants, tech firms, and more. We’ll look at how employees’ needs are changing, and the ripple effect it is having. What are employers doing to continue attracting talent? How are landlords having to adapt? What are the design trends? These are just a few of the questions we will answer.

HP: Our focus this issue is institutions and schools; will Bisnow be covering this topic this year?

TF: Of course! We have our annual Higher Ed & Student Housing event coming up in September. I’d tell you the details, but they’re still a secret.

HP: Bisnow has become quite popular within the AEC community. To what do you attribute the recent success?

TF: I think it’s all about getting the most influential CRE leaders on the panel and providing a second-to-none experience the morning of the event. Nothing makes me smile like hearing an attendee tell me our events are different than anything else. We put a lot of effort into standing out, so it’s good to know people appreciate it — whether that be the banter between panelists on stage, the eclectic music playing during networking, or something else.

HP: Can you tell us more about the speakers and panels?

TF: They’re different at every event; it all depends on the hot topic of the moment. Our one constant is focusing on having a good mix of perspectives on stage together. The combination of landlords, tenants, architects, GCs, brokers, lawyers, and beyond, really makes for a more interesting and complete discussion.

HP: Do you find that there are popular topics that you will be revisiting this year?

TF: Absolutely. There are events that are no brainer to host every year. For instance, healthcare and the future of downtown have been so wildly popular, the calendar would seem incomplete without them. On the other hand, we put a big focus on trying new topics, and keeping things fresh. We have our Real Estate Tech event this summer, which will be amazing, and we’re also looking at a Hospitality event for Q4 as well. There’s so much to talk about right now, it’s tough to cover it all!