3 for 2 Advertisement’s Discount

3for2  Its the most effective way to increase your visibility and return on investment,  while lowering the price of advertising.

Here’s how it works:

When you buy two ads you will get the third ad free.

i. e. place a full page ad in September and October and receive the full page ad in November (including ABX circulation) free. Or place an ad in October and November to receive the same size ad  free in the December issue.

  Added benefits:

  • Our art department will work with your existing ad copy or help create new copy at no charge.
  • The November issue gets extra circulation at ABX, New England’s largest AEC industry showcase.
  • September gets extra circulation mailed directly to members of Society of College and University Planning (SCUP) North Atlantic Region.
  • Your full corporate subscription ($116 value) is included at no additional charge.
  • New advertisers are assigned an account executive to assist you  with news and articles for publication, and full media services including the HP Blog, FastFacts Fridays,  reprints, archives, e-Previews, and more…

Our AEC marketing professionals can discuss your plans and assist you with your needs.

For prices and additional information call 781-294-4530.
Anastasia,  Tom, Mark and Betsy.

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